International Conference Valorizing Practice – Grounded Histories of Language Learning and Teaching

On November 13-15, a three-day scientific conference was held at the Delmenhorst Research Institute on the Historical Basis of Language Learning and Teaching. The conference was organized by the University of Bremen, the German Research Society (DFG), the University of Warwick and the Research Network for the History of Language Learning and Teaching (HoLLT). Representatives from 15 countries presented research reports.
Professor Ekaterine Shaverdashvili, the head of Innovative Education Research Center (IERC) participated in the conference. She is conducting the research on English as a foreign language – curriculum and textbook – in the historical context. Prof. Shaverdashvili presented the report, which was the part of the research.
The articles will be published in a two-volume collection.
Detailed information on the conference is available at: and