Goals and Objectives of the Research Center

The goals of the Research Center are:

  • To respond to the challenges of the 21st century digital world and to foster the development of the educational research;
  • To develop the cooperation at national and international levels with universities, leading scientists and educational organizations, etc.
  • To establish a theoretical and practical foundation for a high standard of educational process and educational research based on studies;
  • To promote the introduction of modern teaching methods and technologies in the Georgian educational space;
  • To promote the introduction of innovative and entrepreneurial thinking;

Conducting surveys

  • Study / research of the state of innovative education at different stages of teaching;
  • Identification of factors that support the use of modern teaching methods and technologies and development of entrepreneurial thinking  based on studies;
  • Creation of educational resources that support the use of the modern teaching methods and technologies and entrepreneurial thinking.
  • Participation in various types of educational research projects locally and internationally.

Preparation and publication of research materials

  • Publication of research results in local and international peer-reviewed compilations and journals;
  • Introduction of research findings and innovative educational approaches to the local and international professional community through the Center’s periodicals (collection of articles, conference papers, methodological literature on teaching and guides);
  • Preparation and publication of pedagogical research basics and guides for the professional community and interested persons.

Preparation and development of programs

  • Participation in the development of concepts of the academic and educational programs of the faculty, taking into consideration the results of local and international market research;
  • Participation in the transformation of existing academic and educational programs in terms of developing innovative, technological and entrepreneurial aspects;
  • Studies of existing programs, creation of digital platforms for them, and development of appropriate methodology.

Organization of conferences and workshops

  • Conduct of national and international conferences and organization of workshops on pressing issues in education;
  • Participation in local and international conferences and scientific forums.

Professional Development

We offer professional development (online) workshops and (online) seminars to school and higher education representatives on problems identified by the research work conducted at the Center. For example,

  • Training of faculty academic staff to share educational innovations with them.
  • Methodological-didactic advice and counseling: methods and techniques used in lectures and seminars (e.g. on the use of media resources in teaching process and online teaching problems); Presentation techniques; Event moderation, etc.
  • Training modules: modern approaches to learning and teaching; Teaching using digital media in the university space;
  • Integration of entrepreneurial skills into training courses; planning and implementation of pedagogical research, etc.