Center’s Activities. Research fields and topics

Center’s Activities. 

Research fields and topics:

  • The methodology of online learning
  • The integration of technologies in education programs
  • The historical view of subject learning and modern challenges
  • Modern approaches of teaching and learning
    • Problem based learning
    • Assignment based learning
    • Case based teaching
    • Flipped classroom
    • Research based teaching
    • Service learning
    • Value education
    • Intercultural education
    • Interdisciplinary approach of teaching and learning (CLIL etc)
  • Early education
  • Lifelong education
  • Critical and experimental pedagogy
  • Metacognition: learners’ autonomy, teaching strategies and technics
  • Media Literacy and Development of critical thinking
  • The aims and approaches of citizenship education
  • Language politics and language teaching
  • The didactics of literature and cultural dialogue
  • Curriculum and textbook
  • Minorities’ languages and integration problems.