Organizational Structure and personnel

The center is the union of professors and researchers. The center’s activities correspond to the approved statute. 

The statute is attached.

The invited specialists, MA and PHD students are also involved in center’s activities.


The Management body:

The center are managed by the Head of the center and board.

The board members are the representatives of academic personnel and researchers.

Ekaterine Shaverdashvili is the head of the center and a board member. Nana Dikhaminjia, Nino Chiabrishvili, Tamar Mosiashvili are the board members.

The academic personnel of the center:

Ekaterine Shaverdashvili, Nana Dikhaminji, Nino Chiabrishvili, David Malazonia, Tamar Taliashvili, Marika Kapanadze, Tamar Bregvadze, Maia Bitsadze, Natia Andguladze,  Tinatin Kiguradze.

Invited professor: Marine Japaridze, Natela Maglakelidze

Invited researchers: Tamar Mosiashvili, Pati Ramishvili, Ana Mshvildadze, Inga Gutidze, Magda Gogrichiani.