Project: comparative study of traditional and online teachers’ preparation programs.

Project aim is to comparative study of traditional and online teachers preparation courses, development of recommendations for digitalization of teachers preparation programs.

Project duration: 1.0 4 .20 19 -1.0 4 .20 20

Project team: Ekaterine Shaverdashvili project manager, Nana Dikhaminjia researcher, Tamar Mosiashvili researcher, PhD student, Ana Mshvildadze researcher, PhD student, Pati Ramishvili researcher, PhD student

Donor: Ilia State University


Project: Historical view of teaching English in Georgia and modern challenges

Project aim: The ahistorical analysis of teaching English  and research of modern tendencies. Notes: the research results will be presented in conference, Delmenhorst, „Valorizing Practice Grounded Histories of Language Learning and Teaching“ (13.-15.11.2019).


Project duration: 12.2018-11.2019

Project team: Ekaterine Shaverdashvili

Project organizer: Universität Bremen (; University of Warwick (;  Hanse-Wissenschaftskolleg Delmenhorst (; DFG (; HOLLT. Net (


Project: Value education and fiction

Project aim: The research on the improvement of language skills of minority students using fiction and civic integration using VaKe (Value and Knowledge Education) method.

Project duration: 1.07.2019 -1.12.2021

Project team: Ekaterine Shaverdashvili, Tamar Mosiashvili, Inga Gutidze, Magda Gogrichiani, Jean-Luc Patry ( and Sieglinde Weiringer (

Project Coordinator: Ilia State University


Participation in doctoral studies:

  •         The role of the e-learning platform in the professional development of teachers (Ana Mshvildadze / Eka Shaverdashvili);
  •         Development of intercultural competence using fictional text (Pati Ramishvili / Eka Shaverdashvili);
  •         The role of value education in the historical background (Tamar Mosiashvili / Eka Shaverdashvili);
  •         Discussion as a method of language learning and value education teaching (Magda Gogrichiani / Eka Shaverdashvili)
  •         Reverse teaching method. Revealing the opportunities on the example of teaching the English language (Nino Chkhikvadze / Eka Shaverdashvili and Maya Rogava);
  •         Empirical study of foreign language teachers’ sectoral teaching materials and development of a new concept (Maggie Gvasalia / Eka Shaverdashvili);
  •         Learner Autonomy through project-oriented teaching at a foreign language lesson (Tamar Kachakhidze / Eka Shaverdashvili);
  •         Development of intercultural competence with the help of English texts (Nino Chachanidze / Eka Shaverdashvili);
  •         Film as a language learning resource at an early age (Bela Shalamberidze / Eka Shaverdashvili);
  •         Pedagogical Diary as a Teacher Self-Evaluation Tool (Eka Tkavashvili / Eka Shaverdashvili);
  •         Research of online materials for teaching Georgian as a second language and development of a new concept for immigrant children (Marika Sikharulidze / Eka Shaverdashvili);
  •         The role of teaching English in developing students’ intercultural competences (Tamar Gogochuri / David Malazonia);
  •         Technologies for working on text aimed at the formation of adolescent value system (Nino Lomidze / Tamar Taliashvili)